Interview with our new member Chaineducation Labs

Chaineducation Labs is a young startup from Berlin founded by Jonas Przysucha and Santino Wagner. Both of them noticed that training in blockchain and crypto companies is very lackluster and done in a passive way, which is why they’re building an interactive and gamified ecosystem that will help companies to get their employees ready for their job.
Through On-Demand courses that engage the learner, their aim is to deliver know-how that is needed for the job while making sure the employee doesn’t have to spend hours upon hours listening to presentations or reading online articles that are trying to explain very complex topics in a passive way.

We are excited to welcome Chaineducation Labs to BerChain e.V.!

1) Hi, on behalf of BerChain, we are glad to have you onboard! What is the work you bring forward ?

We at Chaineducation Labs aim to deliver the newest standard of blockchain education for employees in the blockchain and crypto industry.

Employees should get work-ready faster which isn’t possible through current means of training inside companies. Our approach is modern and makes use of interactivity and gamification through a white labeled LMS solution that can be connected to industry leading HR tools like bambooHR.

2) Why did you join BerChain?

We joined BerChain mainly to network with like-minded people that want to get stuff done in Berlin. We believe we can learn a lot from others in BerChain while offering help with education for fellow BerChain members.

3) In your opinion, what are the biggest obstacles to widespread mainstream adoption of blockchain and Distributed Ledger Technologies (DLT) and what can be done to overcome these obstacles?

The biggest obstacles to overcome are education and ease-of-use. If people don’t know how to the tech works, they’re less likely to try it. And as long as it’s not very intuitive to use, it won’t see mainstream adoption. We think that in order to appeal to the mainstream, the users should be able to use the tech while not being aware of it.

4) Where do you see the Blockchain industry in 10 years?

 In 10 years we see the blockchain industry mainly adopted in supply chains and finance. There’s a huge potential when it comes to supply chains and ensuring that the consumer knows where the product comes from. It also helps the manufacturers/producers to see where potential supply chain issues could come up. Besides that, we think that blockchain technology will play a huge role in banking and governance, where corruption could be reduced thanks to the immutability of blockchains.

5) What are your latest projects in the space as Chaineducation Labs?

Our latest projects have been the market and competition research. We put a heavy emphasis on solving pain points for our future customers. We have found a niche in the blockchain and crypto education space that we want to fill.
Besides that, we’ve been building the framework of our first product: interactive On-Demand courses for employees of blockchain & crypto companies.

6) What do you find exciting about the Berlin Blockchain Ecosystem?

 What excites us the most about the Berlin blockchain ecosystem is the many events one can attend. It’s easy to find like-minded people to share experience and knowledge with.