Frequently Asked Questions

Who is running BerChain?

BerChain was founded in 2017 and has been established as a non-profit, member-led association in January 2019 by 10 founding members at the heart of the Berlin Blockchain Ecosystem. BerChain is governed by its articles of association, and the day-to-day running is overseen by its Board.

Feel free to contact us at for more information.

I have an event, can you promote it?

To have a blockchain related event in or close to Berlin added to our calendar, please send an email with the event details to events@berchain,.com, and preferably attach an .ics file with all the details that we can quickly import. We may not post events that are not easily accessible (e.g. due to high entrance fee).

In some cases we can also help with further/more active event promotion. Reach out to us by email to learn about the possibilities.

What can I use the BerChain Slack for?

We are looking to unite the blockchain scene in Berlin, and to support each other where possible. We hope you will become an active member of the Slack group, and help where you can. We also encourage you to join the offline gatherings to connect personally with our community. But most importantly we do expect you to be respectful to each other.

What can I expect on the BerChain Slack?

High quality discussions and explanations, mostly about new ideas, events and projects in Berlin. But also if you are looking for some explanation on the latest projects, want to meet someone who can help you with certain projects or if you are looking for training, we look to help each other and connect people on the field. The Slack channel could serve as a feedback mechanism on anything you’re starting or thinking about.

Who can join our Slack?

Our Slack is intended first and foremost for anyone working in the blockchain space, as a developer, consultant, as part of a startup team, innovation hub, or working in a corporate project team. We admit service providers and journalists after reviewing their intended use of the platform.

Upon admission we examine your profile, experience and motivation for joining to ensure you fit it and bring value to our channels.

How do I join the BerChain Slack Community?

You can apply for access to the slack by filling out the application form. We vet every application because we would like to keep a high level of discussion, and avoid noise.

How likely is it to be approved for the Slack?

We take the time to look through every application and hand-curate our community. If your link with Berlin and your professional affiliation with blockchain is clear from your description and from your social media profile, it should be easy. If you are representing a development house, a blockchain company doing an ICO, or seem to have another promotional intention, we may hold back on your approval or ask you some follow up questions. Statistically, we approve about 60% of the applications we receive. Those who are accepted are typically invited within 5 working days.

I want to contribute with my time and skills. How can I help?

We are always happy with more skills, brains and hands to help us with our mission. We focus on those that can volunteer at least 10 hours a month to ensure the overhead remains manageable. Reach out to to initiate a discussion, ideally already stating what you would like to help on, and a bit about your background.

I am not based in Berlin, can I still be part of BerChain?

We aim to unite those who are regularly in Berlin and feel they are or want to be part of the growing blockchain community. If you don’t live in Berlin, or are there regularly but feel you are still connected to this community somehow, you are welcome to apply for our Slack.

If you want to become an association member, we will need to ensure that you are adding net value to the ecosystem, and not extracting it, and that your membership does not jeopardise the goals of the organisation in any way because you are based elsewhere. It is key to have a connection with Berlin in this case.