Mission and purpose of BerChain e.V.

The mission of BerChain is connecting and promoting the Berlin Blockchain Ecosystem, amongst itself and with other stakeholders.

BerChain e.V. was established on January 25th, 2019 to pursue these goals with the financial and in-kind support of our members. Together we are bringing the Berlin Blockchain Ecosystem to the next level and ensure Berlin is and remains the place to be for Blockchain, and through the regional advantage, further the technology and in particular its democratic potential.

BerChain is a registered and tax-exempt non-profit in Germany, with the formal purpose is crafted around the promotion of science and research and the promotion of education, popular education and vocational training.

In particular, we pursue our mission through the following 10 activities:

  1. Organising of educational and networking events.
  2. Organisation of workshops, expert roundtables and working groups to initiate and explore research and development of new blockchain protocols, systems, products, services and use cases.
  3. Promote the Berlin Blockchain ecosystem through our website and other online-channels.
  4. Education through events, publications and (public) discussions.
  5. Supporting public institutions in creating optimal conditions for the Blockchain location Berlin.
  6. Collaboration with, and support of other organisations pursuing similar interests.
  7. Scientific events and research projects.
  8. Award of research contracts.
  9. Scientific publications.
  10. Making available communication systems and structures.

Example Activities

Here are some of our activities during 2019, our first year.

New year’s reception

During our New Year’s Reception 2019, we connected blockchain executives with political leaders. The event featured secretaries of state of Berlin and the Netherlands, and blockchain executives as keynote speakers.

Libra Discussion

After Libra ‘the facebook token’ was announced, BerChain was one of the first to organise a discussion between experts. This event drew 200 visitors and over 500 viewers on the livestream. The livestream recording is still available.

Berlin Blockchain Week

During the community organised Berlin Blockchain Week 2019, BerChain hosted 3 events about the Berlin Blockchain Ecosystem, starting a business in Berlin and an exclusive networking event. In addition to our online calendar, we printed an event guide helping visitors to navigate between the 90+ events.

Asia Pacific Week

During the Asia Pacific Week, BerChain’s president was invited to give a keynote on the potential of blockchain. In addition, BerChain hosted a blockchain startup pitching session for Asian investors attending the APW.

Odyssey Hackathon

We recruited a team to attend Odyssey, the largest AI & Blockchain hackathon world-wide, to demonstrate the value of the Berlin Blockchain Ecosystem. The team made Berlin proud by winning the challenge and ensuring placement in the follow-up program.