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Association members are at the center of BerChain. Through their contributions and support we can fulfil our mission.

Connect in and outside of Berlin

While working on our mission to connect with regional and international stakeholders and position Berlin as blockchain capital, our members are uniquely placed to contribute, and benefit. Members form the inner circle of BerChain and work closely with the us to make the ecosystem thrive.

Active collaboration

Members are encouraged to be active in working groups, workshops and in the representation of BerChain. Where opportunities arise for visibility, creation of value and input, we count on our members to contribute.

Democratically in charge

All members together form the General Assembly (GA) of BerChain. The GA elects the Board, the Auditor(s) and can adopt by-laws where required. The GA meets at least annually and ensures the Board executes their mandate and for the acceptance of the annual report.

Member only events and channels

Through the member-only events (dinners, workshops, tours and meetings), strong bonds are developed between them. We encourage active collaboration in between our members, and support synergies and projects where we can.

Organisational Members

Ape Unit – Unit 8

Connect Global

Factory Berlin

Innogy Innovation Hub

Next Big Thing AG

Tupelo by Quorum Control

Schwenke Schütz Rechtsanwälte


Aeternity Anstalt


Startup Members

License Rocks


KILT Protocol by BOTLabs

Gust Network


Cyberian Mine


Circular Tree


Blockchain Punk

Blue Swan Development



TZ Connect



Phala Network

Smart Places


Full Node

Chaineducation Labs

“innogy Innovation Hub joined BerChain because we believe in the power of ecosystem building and networking — especially in such a fragmented market as blockchain.”

Kerstin Eichmann – Managing Director, innogy Innovation Berlin

About our members

Being a member of BerChain actively supports the advancements of the Berlin Blockchain Ecosystem through making meaningful connections, promotion of Berlin as a hub for blockchain and distributed ledger technologies.

Every organisation with blockchain activities in Berlin or with an active and regular connection with Berlin can apply to become a member. Our members benefit from early access to events, speaking opportunities, visibility, match-making and synergy projects, but are also expected to contribute to the goals of the organisation within their capabilities.

Our members range from smaller startups working on a blockchain technology, service or use-case, to multinational organisations that work with blockchain as part of their services.

Read more about membership in the association.

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