Adapting your business in times of a pandemic with KILT & Tupelo

The pandemic had quite an effect on the world influencing the strategies of people and organizations. We came across several stories of startups finding it difficult to survive due to the market, lack of funding, changing working conditions and further reasons connected to COVID-19. But we have also witnessed new project launches, products going live, an increase in efficiency and other interesting developments.

But how did the pandemic affect our members and how did they adapt to the changed environment and circumstances ?
These questions will be answered in our webinar on the 18.08.2020 starting at 17:30.
You will have the chance to listen to two representatives of startups which are members of BerChain. They will be explaining the effects of the pandemic on their businesses as well as the variety of opportunities this created.


Ingo Rübe from KILT protocol

Our first speaker will be Ingo Rübe who holds a degree in Computer Science from the Technical University of Berlin. He is the founder and CEO of BOTLabs as well as the Project Lead of KILT Protocol.
He is a Board of Directors member of the Drupal Association and also a non-executive Director of Greek Energy Funds, a company producing solar power.

KILT is an open-source blockchain protocol for issuing claim-based verifiable, revocable, and anonymous credentials in the Web 3.0. It allows end users to claim arbitrary attributes about themselves, get them attested by trusted entities, and store the claims as self-sovereign credentials (certificates). As trusted entities can issue credentials in return for money, KILT aims to foster new business models for anyone who owns trust or wants to build up trust. KILT Protocol comes with a simple JavaScript SDK where useful applications can be built without requiring any blockchain development skills.

In reaction to monopolies and their poor handling of user data, KILT aims to restore trust in the internet and to re-democratise the web. KILT gives the user strict control of their data, helping to break up data silos and establish a level playing field.

KILT is one of the first protocols building on Parity Substrate. It supports the Polkadot ecosystem by providing an infrastructure to build both simple and complex solutions for trust markets. KILT is an essential building block of the Web 3.0.

Topper Bowers from Tupelo

Topper Bowers will be the second speaker. He is the CEO of Quorum Control and an entrepreneur with over 20 years experience in software-engineering. He combines deep technical knowledge with proven executive skills. He consistently pursues tech that betters people’s lives—whether he’s designing user interfaces, managing world class teams, or building high volume distributed systems for large nonprofits and Fortune 50 companies.

Quorum Control is now focused on building solutions in the blockchain space with their platform Tupelo. Tupelo is an easy to use DLT platform that allows for building scalable applications while keeping the data public or private. 

Coming into 2020, the Quorum Control team decided to additionally contribute to the immediate challenges that organizations have been facing as a result of Covid19. In response to this they have built a food donation tracking app are active members of the C19 coalition helping to prevent supplier fraud and built Bird Level, a simple tool to help organisations keep their communities safe.