Token Systems – Recap

Token Systems was a series of webinars by BerChain e.V. that highlight token-based systems from an economic, design, development, and legal perspective. Together with our official media partner BTC Echo we had four informative webinars which we will summarize in the following. In total the webinar series was visited by 335 attendees!

Introduction to Token Systems

The first webinar was live on April 9. Shermin Voshmgir from Token Kitchen lead us through the first part webinar and spoke about Web3 tokens, gave an intro to token economics use cases and explained how to design a token system. Her session was followed by Keyko product developer Clément Bihorel who showed us how tokens can be used as incentives and what role token engineering plays in DeFi. He also introduced us to the topic of impact farming.

Design and Development of Token Systems

The second event took place on April 16 and will focused on “Design and Development of Token Systems,”. Renzo D’Andrea spoke about the impact of governance token design in platform strategies, the evolution of marketplace-platform and introduced us to DAOs, a new form of scalable collaborative agreements. Then Sebnem Rusitschka spoke about computer-aided design for token economies and showed us how to read and create value flow diagrams.

Economy of Token Systems

A week later, on April 23, the focus was set on the “Economy of Token Systems.” First, Juan Carlos Escallon, Head of Blockchain Academy at Blue Swan Academy, spoke about use cases of Token Systems in DeFi and gave us a high level overview on the different roles of tokens in the DeFi-economy. Following that, Spielworks founder Adrian Krion provided us with insights on liquidity of tokens and how token economies benefit from DeFi. He also showed us his vision of what the future role of NFTs in DeFi will be.

Legal Engineering

The final event took place on April 30 under the theme “Legal Engineering”. Kleros CTO Clément Lesaege spoke about use case of On-Chain disputes on Kleros, while Esen Esener from Bitwala’s compliance team told us how law matches with the system’s design thinking & value flow designs.

The entire team around BerChain was delighted to have so many of you enjoying the events! See and speak all of you soon at the next ones!