Interview with our new member Bluu Tech

We are proud to introduce our new member Bluu Tech and their lastest project Smart Places Protocol by an interview with the founding team!

  1. Hi Hung, Bjoern and Janet, on behalf of BerChain, we are glad to have you onboard! what is the work you bring forward with Smart Places Protocol?

With the Smart Places Protocol we want to create a new era of socializing. Currently, digitization separates people from each other. They rather connect online than offline. This is what we want to fight with the Smart Places Protocol.

It enables and incentivizes instant socializing in real life. Everyone can participate, kickstart and engage in such activities in order to have spontaneous and real physical, interpersonal interactions and not just virtual likes or comments. All of these social interactions are incentivized by tokens – a social token called “Smartee”. The Smart Places Protocol incentivizes individuals and the community for social interactions .

Furthermore, the Smart Places Protocol lets companies and brands become part of the community as they seek for customers and are willing to pay users for sharing their data.

  1. Why did you join BerChain?

For us, BerChain connects perfectly the Blockchain Community in Berlin including very interesting and innovative companies and projects. We’re glad to get in touch with the BerChains members and share with them our ideas and experience. 

  1. In your opinion, what are the biggest obstacles to widespread mainstream adoption of blockchain and Distributed Ledger Technologies (DLT) and what can be done to overcome these obstacles?

On the one hand, explaining to people constantly the great advantages of this technology and its countless opportunities is necessary, for example improved security, control of data, and a decentralized structure. But also using simple language and explaining the basics of this complicated technology may be required as well. So keep it simple and create solutions that people can use without deeper knowledge about blockchain. This is exactly what we want to do with Smart Places, we want to show easy use cases that everyone understands. For that reason we already integrated our Protocol in a mobile application. We’re very proud of making blockchain available for “normal” users! 

  1. Where do you see the Blockchain industry in 10 years?

Blockchain has changed the world, disrupted several industries, allowed to make the world more democratic, created companies that let people participate in gains and governance, and reduced the power of monoliths that claim themselves power and money. In 10 years, Blockchain will be as big as the internet is in our lives right now. We have no doubt about that.

  1. What are your latest projects in the space as Smart Places Protocol?

We are currently totally focussing on building our community and preparing the token launch. Our team is working on bringing this forward. You can join our telegram group (, follow us on Twitter ( to get all the news or visit our Homepage ( Furthermore we are fully involved in creating more use cases and speaking with partners that support us in bringing them to life.

To kickstart the Smart Places Protocol and to make our ideas visible, we have already created an application that users can use right from the start for instant socializing with people around them. We also implemented great NFT-functionalities which make our project unique and allow our users to experience a totally new way of socializing.

We will publish further information about that in the next few weeks! Don’t miss that.

  1. What do you find exciting about the Berlin Blockchain Ecosystem?

Berlin still stands for tolerance, liberality, and innovation and this is exactly what the blockchain approach stands for as well. Blockchain fits totally to a city like Berlin with its vibrant startup-community. Berlin as a very international city attracts people from all with its skills and experience. The Berlin blockchain community benefits from this basis, making it the biggest Blockchain community in Germany that works on very interesting projects with a lot of potential.