Interview with our new member

We are proud to announce as a new member of BerChain e.V.!
As always we would like to give our community some background information about the activities and vision of our new member through an interview.

1. Hi, on behalf of BerChain, we are glad to have you onboard! What is the work you bring forward with The

“We envision a fair and open financial system backed by rare assets in which currencies are sustainably created by people, not by banks.”

We are building the ultimate stablecoin. We launched the first physical gold / bitcoin orderbook exchange back in 2015 because we got sick of exchanges being in transparent. We are doing it again now with Stablecoins. The world needs solid stablecoins fully backed by Bitcoin, Ethereum and physical gold. No more of these scammy pure algorithmic stablecoins backed by fluff. The Standard is a team of bitcoin OG’s building the ultimate solution for decentralized stablecoins.

2. Why did you join BerChain?

We would like to grow our community in Berlin, expand our ecosystem with new partners, and increase our brand awareness. Berlin is one of the creative hubs in Europe. It’s one of those places where great minds both creative and mathematical congregate. We already have a bunch of DAO members in Berlin and looking forward to meeting more.

3. In your opinion, what are the biggest obstacles to widespread mainstream adoption of blockchain and Distributed Ledger Technologies (DLT) and what can be done to overcome these obstacles?

From our perspective, people need to be educated on the advantages of blockchain DLTs in regular interactions with companies and experts from the Web3/Cryptocurrency industry. We need better interfaces, better use cases and to remove that nervous feeling a lot of people feel when they send crypto. The Standard looks to because “The Standard” in stablecoins by building the easiest way to borrow money from yourself through an intuitive interface.

4. Where do you see the Blockchain industry in 10 years?

From our perspective, the Web3/ Cryptocurrency and especially the DeFi industry is the new disruptive force to establish a new era of economy and business models. Why would you save in a bank thats charging you interest for the privilege of having your liquidity when you could hold your savings in a solid stablecoin earning 4 -12% interest by putting it directly in an automated market maker? All this is possible simply because DeFi removes all inefficiencies? Yes we are a long way from being mainstream and there are scammy project out there but the foundation is set and we at The Standard Protocol aim to bring it mainstream.

5. What are your latest projects in the space as The Standard?

We achieve our vision by creating the most powerful stablecoin protocol in the world, fully decentralized, transparent, cost-efficient, over-collateralized with hard and soft assets and zero percent interest /stability fee. The Standard will mirror every major fiat currency by issuing a variety of stablecoins: Standard Euro (sEUR), sUSD, sINR, sYEN, and more.” Currently we are in hyper drive making business development deals with a heap of crypto projects to accept and use The Standard’s suite of stablecoins.

6. What do you find exciting about the Berlin Blockchain Ecosystem?

The Berlin Blockchain Ecosystem has the potential to interconnect different industries to enable the Web3 & Cryptocurrencies adoption to the mainstream and real-world use-cases. Berlin is like Europe’s Silicon Valley, there are soooo many great projects made of talented teams here. You can feel the buzz in the air when the plane lands here.