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About BerChain

In the last five years, Berlin has rapidly grown into one of the global blockchain hotspots due to its favorable conditions as a startup location. Within the blockchain community, Berlin is frequently labelled as the next “Blockchain Capital”. With over 100 blockchain startups based in Berlin, it has one of the most active and vibrant ecosystems worldwide. Nevertheless, the local community is still highly fragmented, which makes it difficult to coordinate activities to further promote Berlin as a global blockchain hub. Additionally, stakeholders outside of the blockchain space don’t have a single point of entry to interact with the Berlin blockchain ecosystem. BerChain was started to solve this challenge and unite the Berlin blockchain community to help promoting Berlin as the next Blockchain Capital.

Our mission is to connect and promote the Berlin blockchain community inside and outside the blockchain ecosystem to position Berlin as the global blockchain capital.

BerChain’s objectives are focused on three key pillars:


Connect the community among itself

Organize events and offer services to foster interaction, knowledge exchange and networking among the local Berlin blockchain community to strengthen the local ties and enable easier collaboration.


Connect stakeholders with the community

Develop a central hub of engagement for external stakeholders (politics, investors, corporates, academia and others) to interact and get in touch with the Berlin blockchain community.


Promote Berlin as a global blockchain hub

Organize events and offer services to further position Berlin as a global Blockchain Capital for startups, corporates and investors.

BerChain Members

BerChain Members
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Strategic Partners

BerChain Partners

About the BerChain Slack Community

BerChain aims to connect the Berlin blockchain community through an invite-only Slack group (see below). We keep the quality of the Slack group on a high level by only admitting those who work professionally with blockchain as a developer, technologist or in business related to blockchain, and who have a relationship to Berlin. We filter the noise on the group and constantly monitor to ensure a high level of conversation. We do not tolerate hard sales, as this group should be about knowledge exchange. Also ICO promotion or investment speculation/advise/questions is not welcome on our platform.

Technical Talk

We encourage in-depth technical chats on blockchain and distributed ledger technology, but are also open to those who are not that experienced but with interest in the technology and opportunities. We want to be inclusive to those working with, or genuinely interested in blockchain.

blockchain Business

Have questions on how to do token economy, start up your blockchain company, or perhaps on how to start your in-house corporate distributed ledger project? We aim to have the experts in the group and help each other out.

What not?

While we firmly believe that cryptocurrencies are here to stay and there are amazing investment opportunities at the moment, we do not aim to be a platform to discuss investments. We are mainly focused on the technical, social and business side of blockchain as a technology.

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Berlin Blockchain Event Calendar

This calendar aims to give you a complete overview of blockchain events in Berlin.
To submit a new event, please send a calendar invitation (ICS/Google format) to

The provided information about events is offered on a best-effort base, we do not assume any responsibility for its correctness. Be sure to visit the event page (usually mentioned in the event's description) to find out about capacity and possible costs for the events.

Ecosystem Overview

With over 100 startups, numerous investors, corporates and academia active in the blockchain space, Berlin has a very active and rapidly evolving ecosystem. Combined with the location advantages of Berlin, such as low living costs, easy access to talent and well established startup infrastructure thanks to its history as a global startups hub, it’s no surprise that many key blockchain companies have a presence in Berlin. The BerChain ecosystem overview keeps track and continuously maps the Berlin blockchain ecosystem to provide a comprehensive guide.

“Great minds discuss ideas. Average minds discuss events. Small minds discuss people.” - Eleanor Roosevelt


  1. How can I collaborate and contribute to BerChain?
    If you are interested in planning activities or events to promote Berlin as Blockchain Capital, contact us directly on
  2. How do I join the BerChain Slack Community?
    You can join by filling out the application form. We have limited applications because we would like to keep a high level of discussion, and to avoid noise.
  3. What are my chances to be approved?
    We take the time to look through every application and hand-curate our community. If your link with Berlin and your professional affiliation with blockchain is clear from your description and from your social media profile, it should be easy. If you are representing a development house, a blockchain company doing an ICO, or seem to have another promotional intention, we may hold back on your approval or ask you some follow up questions. Statistically, we approve about 65% of the applications we receive.
  4. I am not based in Berlin, can I still join?
    We aim to unite those who are regularly in Berlin and feel they are or want to be part of the growing blockchain community. If you don't live in Berlin, or are there regularly but feel you are still connected to this community somehow, you are welcome to apply.
  5. Who is this for?
    First and foremost for anyone working in the blockchain space, as a blockchain developer, blockchain consultant or as part of a blockchain startup team, innovation hub, or working in a corporate project team. We admit service providers and journalists after reviewing their intended use of the platform.
  1. What can I expect?
    High quality discussions and explanations, mostly about new ideas. But also if you are looking for some explanation on the latest projects, want to meet someone who can help you with certain projects or if you are looking for training, we look to help each other and connect people on the field. The Slack channel should be a great feedback mechanism on anything you're starting or thinking about.
  2. What is expected from me?
    We are looking to unite the blockchain scene in Berlin, and to support each other where possible. We hope you will become an active member of the Slack group, and help where you can. We also encourage you to join the offline gatherings to connect personally with our community. But most importantly we do expect you to be respectful to each other.
  3. How can I have an event added to the calendar?
    To have a blockchain related event in or close to Berlin added, please send an email with the event details, and preferably attach an .ics file with all the details that we can quickly import. We may not post events that are not easily accessible (e.g. due to high entrance fee).
  4. Who is running BerChain?
    BerChain was founded in 2017 by Silvan Jongerius (Managing Partner at TechGDPR). The team now also includes Carlos E. Salazar, Ricardo Garcia (Head of Partnerships at ScanTrust), Sandeep Bajjuri (Strategic Partnership Manager at Moondock), Fauve Altman (State of the DApps Community Manager). Feel free to contact us at for more information.