The Berlin Blockchain Ecosystem: Research For Growth

Blockchain, defined as a disruptive technology, enables new business models that can be extended to a wide number of industries.
In innovation studies, the new technology is considered as the key activator of a new entrepreneurial wave that utilises the technology for innovative business designs. Iterating, building, and testing new models involves distinct sets of agents such as investors, incubators, corporates, academia, public sector, etc., which create value and grow the ecosystem by contributing knowledge and financial resources.

Berlin is considered one of the top 10 startup cities globally among other things because of its low living costs and openness to international talents. Nowadays, Berlin counts more than 120 different actors rotating around blockchain technology, from specialized coworking spaces, VCs, accelerators, and blockchain startups, Berlin has a strong Blockchain Ecosystem.

At BerChain, our mission is to connect the blockchain community, promote the ecosystem internationally, and to support its growth. Letting the ecosystem grow means understanding the drivers, identifying the challenges that are faced by the startups, and design tools/solutions to overcome those.

To do all of this, we need an updated snapshot of the Berlin Blockchain Startups. We invite all the blockchain startups to complete this survey (will take you 11 minutes!) In return we will add you as a “verified startup” into our Blockchain Ecosystem Overview on the BerChain website (if you want to). All the results will be anonymized except for the public info you want to share on our guide.

The research is led by Gianluca Boccadifuoco, with the support and collaboration of the BerChain e.V. founding team, and the supervision of Dr. Maren Borkert from TU Berlin, and Prof. Dr. Katharina Adam from HTW.

Get in touch if you need support, would like to contribute and help others, or if you are just curious and you would like to know more about BerChain and the scope of this research.
We count on your support!