BerChain Roadmap 2020 Update

Now that in-person gatherings are discouraged and social distancing seems to become the new norm some parts of our roadmap needed to be changed as we, like anyone else, have no clear idea of when measures intended to limit the spread of COVID-19 will be relaxed again. As these measures include the ban of events, one of our key-objectives which was to organize a variety of in-person events in order to enable collaboration and foster business opportunities had to be revised. We presented the updated roadmap in a meeting with our members last week. To be as transparent as possible we’ll use this blog to give you an overview of how these changes in our roadmap for 2020 look like.

Goals & roadmap pillars

Our key goals are summarised as:

While these pillars continue to apply we will be prioritising online items for at least Q2 of 2020.

Matchmaking platform
Our member survey told us that one of the most important services we can offer is to connect them with potential clients and investors. Therefore, we prioritize the launch of an online matchmaking platform.

Improve company directory on the website
Our current company directory listing the companies within the Berlin Blockchain-Ecosystem needs some improvements and we will direct resources towards this in Q2.

Education programs
We’ll host online sessions in the form of webinars and educational programs about different topics for instance exploring & explaining real-world applications of blockchain technology. More information about this will be released soon.

Member visibility opportunities

We encourage our members to run a webinar co-hosted by BerChain, with promotion and infrastructure provided by BerChain. These webinars will start in the near future. Furthermore, we offer our members to write value-adding blogs and publish them on our website.

Research & Collaboration
In online working groups we will support startup inventory research and disseminate results in a report and online. Our member Gianluca Boccadifuoco is currently working on this and published a blog about his research just a while ago.

Community Events

As some of you might have already noticed we shifted our regular blockbeers event to a virtual meeting. The first two events were great fun and we had very interesting topics presented by a variety of speakers.
We will inform you about the next one via our social media accounts, so stay tuned!